REEEP invests in clean energy markets in developing countries to reduce CO2emissions and build prosperity. 

Leveraging a strategic portfolio of high impact investments, REEEP creates, adapts and shares knowledge to build sustainable markets for renewable energy and energy efficient solutions; advance energy access, improve lives and economic opportunities; and reduce climate and environmental damage.

Market transformation is complex and multidimensional. We monitor, evaluate and learn from our portfolio to understand these complex systems, identify opportunities and barriers to success, and lower risk for market actors. This insight influences policy, encourages public and private investment, and informs our portfolio strategy to build scale within and replication across markets.

REEEP is committed to the principles of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group in ensuring our data and knowledge are open, accessible and suited to the needs of decision makers in creating change.



REEEP concentrates its activities into three thematic focal areas, within which it develops projects that further focus activities along the Invest-Learn-Share archetype. We currently focus on a core group of high potential countries in the following regions:

  • East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)
  • Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Botswana)
  • Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar)
  • South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal)

In 2016-2017, we will continue our focus on clean energy in agrifood value chains and beyond-the-grid electrification. While we continue to explore new technologies and applications, we will also be strengthening investment and development into a number of specific sectors, including off-grid agricultural cooling, solar-powered irrigation systems and waste-to-energy.

Investments in beyond-grid electrification will focus on solutions ranging from upgradeable solar home systems to decentralized micro grids.



REEEP seeds and de-risks markets for clean energy - renewable energy and energy efficiency - in low and middle-income countries at early stages. 

REEEP targets its activities according to a market’s potential for contributing to broader “green growth” — growth that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Specifically, we look for sectors that can combat the effects of climate change (via avoidance/ mitigation and/or adaptation) while contributing to growth in prosperity and human well-being, especially by expanding access to modern energy.

REEEP seeds markets by injecting targeted non-profit “investments” (grants or soft loans) via early-stage Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) offering new products and/or services utilising clean technologies that have been proven in similar or analogous applications.

SMEs are selected for investment based on a highly competitive application and vetting procedure.

REEEP Financial support to SMEs is typically between EUR 100-500K, and is accompanied by a host of technical support services including best practice advisory derived from the REEEP Portfolio; as well as business mentoring, and investor outreach and matchmaking services via the new PFAN platform housed within REEEP and UNIDO.

Enterprises commit to REEEP’s in-depth Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework, which sets goals and objectives, creates guidelines and benchmarks, monitors and evaluates progress, and produces sectorspecific market intelligence for internal and external consumption.

These insights are directed into three work streams. Internally, sector intelligence and best practices are fed back into REEEP’s own processes and advisory support for SMEs, as well as toward development of a downstream investor pipeline.

REEEP also leverages this market intelligence toward developing actionable feedback and recommendations supporting enabling environment actors on the policy side (legislators, regulators, policy practitioners), as well as investment side (multilateral development banks, impact investors, venture (growth) capital funds, mezzanine funds etc.)

REEEP pursues this strategy across three stages: Invest-Learn-Share. In some projects, REEEP maintains a lead role across all three stages; in others, REEEP focuses on a specific area, collaborating with other lead partners.


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